Mattias Fredriksson - Life in Focus E11. 

Life in focus is a series of short films worth checking out. 

Sergei Vasiliev - Fuel Publishing and Design. 

Part 1 of 10 films about Sergei Vasiliev, an ex Soviet photographer for the newspaper ‘Vecherny Chelyabinsk, who documented the secret code language of the USSR’s criminal underworld.  


More info on Sergi Vasilev 

More from Fuel Design and Publishing  

Peter Dixon (Sainsburys 1962 -1977)

Sainsbury’s in house design studio smashed it in the 60’s and 70’s with this Modernist inspired work. Most labels were printed in 3 colours and the choice of typeface was left up to the individual designers. Sainsbury’s was a much different place than we know today. John Sainsbury himself working closely with the then head of design Peter Dixon to make sure that the shared vision of a simplistic, distinctive and modern brand was delivered to the consumer.

"If you have a big batch of red labels one side and a big batch of green labels the other, then it is best to design a white label with stark typography, which would stand out from other brands" Peter Dixon

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Creative Review


Benedict Redgrove

In the 1970’s they probably thought we would all be driving around in cars like these in some odd future environment. Very nice photos from Redgrove. Redgrove works in London and New York and has a range of commercial projects on his website.  

Check out Redgroves website  

Let Yourself Go

A short video by Disillusion Magazine / SOSH / and Samuel Partaix. It all about travel, skateboarding and the destination. Beautifully shot in Costa Rica with a trippy soundtrack by Balam Acab, well worth a watch with a cup of tea. 

Dan Burgess

See more of Dan’s work here


An entertaining short film about the rather grumpy but humourous David Bailey. Film by Jamie Roberts.

See more of Jamie Robert’s work here

Sci-Fi Book Covers

Came across these awesome book covers on Google.

Gelatology Series Studio Fludd

I studied Geology for quite a few years before I dropped it to study Graphic Design, so this really jumped out at me. If you flick through any textbook or field notebook you will notice that geological processes seem to lend themselves to some nice illustrations, though I must admit I would never of thought of mixing them up with ice cream. Fair play though.

There is more on the project here.   

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum (1983) lives and works in Amsterdam.

Stefan spent four years in Breda studying illustration at the Academy St. Joost. He also worked as an assistant to one of the country’s most celebrated comic artists, Joost Swarte.

Stefan Glerum’s style is like a melting pot of illustration heritage. While its subconscious familiarity has universal appeal, his work is also a study point for those with knowledge of graphic design history.

His work is inspired by early 20th Century movements such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism, which he combines with popular themes, executed in a style reminiscent of the clear line. 

Text and images taken from Stefan Glerum’s website

Paul X Johnson

Stumbled across this the other day, some guy from London who makes really nice pictures and likes to drink tea apparently. 

Check out his website

Hal Lasko 

Hai Lasko

97 years old and smashing it on MS Paint, this guy is a legend. 

And he has a website

Creative Mornings - Mike Monteiro, F*ck You. Pay me.

It’s Mike Monteiro telling you how to tell people too fuck off and give you money for your hard work. 

Creative Mornings - Aaron Draplin

Creative Morning lecture by Aaron Draplin of DDC explaining how to get the most out of designing shit for a living.